The “Projects” is about giving less fortunate kids an opportunity to express themselves, to grow and prepare for the future.

It consist of kids recruited from different areas to come and join our group training sessions, interact with other kids and make new friends. At these sessions we provide them with a training kit, soccer boots, something to eat, a coaching session and also collect clothes, shoes and anything else that will help them. We know its difficult, but we believe by giving them this platform even if it is just for one day per week they have the opportunity to better themselves and to equip themselves for the future. One of the most important things we teach our kids at RB6 Soccer School is respect and team work. These are lessons that are far more important than the soccer skills we teach them. As previously mentioned, there is no guarantee that any of these boys will become professional players one day, but respect and learning to work with others will serve them for the rest of their lives even after their soccer careers.

We are a long way off from where we want to be, where we want to take not only this soccer school but these “Projects”…

Together we can achieve the impossible, lets put the smile back…

NB. If you interested in sponsoring or contributing towards this initiative, please contact us on