Out of pure passion and love for the beautiful game of football, a dream became reality in the form of RB6 Football School, for Rameez Behardien, brain behind this great initiative.

With a background in private coaching at various clubs in Cape Town, he was approached by parents to assist their kids with extra football coaching sessions. After a period of 4 to 5 years of private coaching, the next step was taken, and RB6 Football School was formed.

“Since then I have coached a variety of kids aged from 4 years old and up, assisting them with improving their weaknesses and developing their strengths. The results were positive, and the demand became greater. I have a great passion for kids in general and being able to help them improve and develop both on and off the field is a real blessing.

“By no means can we guarantee your child will turn out to be the next superstar, but we can guarantee your child will be taught basic skills and techniques as well as equipping them with fundamental life skills such as team work, respect, discipline and social skills through the beautiful game of football. These skills will help and guide your child to not only become a more competent sportsman but also build self-confidence in everyday life.“


To educate our youth both on and off the field. On the field through teaching them the basic skills and discplines of football. Off the field by teaching them respect, discipline, social skills and fundamental life skills.

The long-term plan is to incorporate education within the football school. Currently we are offering ‘extra lessons’ via a tutoring program where assistance is required. Education plays a key role in not only the development of a competent individual but also maximizes the development of a sportsman. With this we will create various pathways, an opportunity for our youth to explore on and off the field.

“In the end it’s all about the kids, if they are given the right guidance and opportunity to learn the future will look a whole lot better!”