RB6 Football School
Beyond Footballl

RB6 is designed to keep our youth enthusiastic and motivated.

The aim is to develop gross motor skills, football skills and technique. It is a fact that not every child will become a professional footballer, but we can ensure that every child is also taught the fundamental life & social skills they will be able to use throughout their lives. The football school is a perfect tool to get our youth active in a fun, disciplined and structured environment.

RB6 was not formed to win matches or trophies; it was formed to make our youth better. It’s about developing skills and good habits, learning to control the ball, passing, communicating, teamwork, positions and also the mental side. In the end we don’t just want a complete footballer, but someone who is good for others and means something in the world.

The long-term plan is to incorporate education within the football school. Education plays a key role in not only the development of a competent individual but also maximizes the development of a sportsman. With this we will create various pathways, an opportunity for our youth to explore on and off the field.

We want to make a difference and put the smile back!