Changing Lives


RB6 is designed to keep our youth active, enthusiastic and motivated. 

Our aim is to develop a physically literate child. Physical literacy is when a child has developed skills, confidence and love of movement to be physically active. Physical literacy describes the ability of a person to instruct the body to perform an action accurately and with confidence.

We offer a variety of sports specific coaching, sports conditioning, injury rehabilitation plus our very own movement skills program.

RB6 is a perfect tool to get our youth active in a fun, disciplined and structured environment.



Whilst we are well aware most kids love the idea of playing and having fun, RB6 plans to use sport as a vehicle to promote the importance of education and encourage our youth both on and off the field. On the field through teaching them the basic skills and disciplines of sports and off the field by teaching them fundamental life skills.

The long-term plan is to incorporate education within RB6. Currently we are offering ‘extra lessons’ via a tutoring program where assistance is required, as well as a life skills Program.

Education plays a key role in not only the development of a competent individual but also maximizes the development of a sportsman.

With this we will create various pathways, an opportunity for our youth to explore on and off the field.